Virtual Reality Integrations for Smart City & Smart Living


“Expanding Limitations”

Circulus VR aim to revolutionize the way the world is perceived, how people interact with each other and businesses, as well as how businesses operate…with our expertise in VR, AR, and MR =[XR] +software by utilising art, science, innovation, and sociological tactics ingrained within our products and services for the convenience and safety of lives (Smart City & Smart Living). We believe each person's 'presence' can be 'limitless.'

Our Services

The future is in XR & Smart Technology. Adapt your business to the age of advanced transformation...with us.


VR Solution for Business

Revolutionise the way your business operates and represents itself with "VR Integration" on systems, products/services, and


360 Live Streaming (Virtual Events)

360 degrees interactive experience, real-time and "live" worldwide or with login system +secure payment gateway. Your personalised "Virtual Event/Conference/

Wedding" and more. 

360 Surveillance System

360 degrees security and surveillance system with AI technology - secure: cloud/local. 

Virtual Reality Marketing

Upgrade from digital marketing to VR Marketing that entices and retains more customers.

Photography & Graphic Design Services

...guaranteed with 16 years of experience and empirical assets. 


"A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention." - Hebert Simon

With "Mind-Body-World Interaction," VR is looking to disrupt the age of overflowing information by retaining user attention and democratise knowledge + information; breaking "brain-body" binary. The age of new interaction paradigm with VR, AR, and MR will revolutionise the way we train and learn. We could do dangerous, impossible, counterproductive, and expensive tasks without their disadvantages in real-time at the comforts of our own homes or wherever we are. The era of non-physical limitations is here. Start your journey on VR integrations for your business, today.


October 2019

Circulus VR was invited to SETA 2019 in which our founder, Miss Tiraya, attended the conference on Smart Technology and Renewable Energy.

January - April 2020

Circulus VR was selected to join a Fast-track program from Startup-O (Singapore).

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