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Real Estate, Construction & Architecture

From VR media production which consists of Virtual Tours and 360 promotional videos for your business to VR demos for inspections and surveys of real estate and construction, or interactive premise Virtual Reality for residents (emergency, drills, informative contents, et cetera), Circulus VR provide a one-stop service for you...making sure your projects progress easier, faster, and smarter. 


The educational system is having a hard time adjusting to the current work ecosystem due to the fact that students of all ages learn more effectively and faster when they are exposed to the things and situations that they could get their hands on: Mind-Body-World Interactions; instead of textbooks and memorisations. Virtual Classes and Educational Trainings in 360VR is an interactive experience that enhances different skills, provoking curiosity and empathy with the use of VR and AR technology. 

Automotive & Aviation

360VR Renders of vehicles and aircrafts during pre-production are being adopted by major automotive and aviation companies in recent years. Furthermore, VR can also be integrated post-production to enhance travelling experiences. Long hours flights are no longer dull with such interactions packed with entertainment and knowledge. 

Professional & Domestic Premises

With 360 Surveillance System, no matter where you are, at work or at home, you and your loved ones are ensured safe and sound +AI facial recognition that is used by major cities around the world's surveillance system that reduces crimes, accidents, and abductions. 

Events | Conferences, Weddings & Funerals

Experience an event in 360 degrees and real-time at the comforts of your own home or wherever you are without having to travel to the venue. Saves costs and time. Health complications and old age are no longer excuses for attendees not to experience your once in a lifetime event. Time to skip that 14-hours flight, packing, and all the fuss in order to attend a conference half-way across the globe. Virtual Events (360 Live Streaming) can be live worldwide with/without a login system as chosen by you.  

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