VR Solution for Business


Vocational & Educational Trainings

• Virtual Real Estate & Construction Surveys 

• Vehicles Test-Drive 360VR Experience

With the experience of doing a specific thing develops the skillsets and mindsets. Be it vocational training for employees or educational training for students or other implementations, our VR Solution brings to life the experience of doing difficult and dangerous tasks (risks-free), handling operations/systems...user could easily train themselves on the agendas and situations they have never done or experienced before in 360 degrees - interactively. 

• Virtual Product/Service Sampling & Promotion

Revolutionize how your customers see and interact with digital media of your products and services with VR Solution that can enhance sales, retrieve customers, and increase conversion rates. VR better expose your products and services to the world, letting your customers understand and know your products on a new level - after all, we only buy what we know and truly understand. With Virtual Reality, Circulus VR could add values to your business.    

• VR Simulation

Step into a new, personalised world with Interactive VR Simulation that can take you to different places without actually having to travel there. You can be shopping in Paris now, knowing you'll receive your ordered packages in no time, then taking a stroll in the Antartica the next minute, or jump into the Pacific Ocean alongside dolphins. Whatever your imagination invoked, Circulus VR create "that reality" for your Virtual Project which can be integrated on e-commerce and various other platforms.


• VR Smart Vending


Circulus VR integrates Virtual Reality onto our VR Smart Vending which allows the user to buy specified products easily in VR, with smartphones payment, and additional functions and features, eg. camera that captures the user/s and allow them to post the photo onto social media for marketing purposes and more.

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